June’s Active Minute: Let’s Get Out Doors!

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Happy Summer Athletic Adventures’ Families!

It’s getting warmer, the days are lengthening, and kids are about to be home…. a lot. Thankfully, the weather is incredibly forgiving for getting those energies (or injuries as my kids like to say) out. 

Gardening is a great option for this time of year to both get the kids moving and enjoy the outdoors. Digging in the dirt, pulling up weeds, planting flowers and seeds. And watering the land. I know my kids are highly talented at soaking each other whenever they get their hands on a hose, so perhaps this adventure can even double as bath time. 

And even if you don’t have a garden of your own, many communities offer community gardens where you and your littles can still dig in the dirt and do all the great messy things. Some foodbanks even offer free seeds to harvest and donate the fruits and veggies of your labor. What a great way to do good for your bodies and hearts! 

Here are some super fun gardening projects for your kids: 


Stay earthy, families, and have a great start to your summer. 


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