Frequently Asked Questions


What should my child wear to class?

No fancy leotard required! Although we do have a fully stocked Adventure Gear Shop where you can purchase one! 

Just wear comfortable close-fitting clothes that are free of buttons, zippers, and snaps.

Why does the system ask for my credit card for a FREE trial class?

This is to help make your enrollment process easier after your trial class. We will not charge your card until you have confirmed you would like to enroll in classes at Athletic Adventures.

Why does Athletic Adventures have sessions?

We believe for a child to fully understand the sport of gymnastics they must attend more than a 4-week block. In a typical one hour class your child will only work on each skill an average of 3 minutes per class. For your child to see real progress gained a commitment of 8 weeks or more is beneficial.

Want your child to spend more time achieving skills? Join our Wonder Girls program, which meets twice per week! Or our Ninja Monkey program which has the opportunity to attend skill clinics.

How is my account billed?

We have TWO payment options:

    • Extended Enrollment – Members who choose this payment option are billed on the first of each month!
    • Session Enrollment – Members who choose this payment option are billed prior to the start of the 8 or 12 week session.
What is Athletic Adventures Registration Fee?

There is NOT a registration fee at Athletic Adventures. Some of our programs will require additional supplemental purchases to participate in the class.

When I enrolled online my cart had a zero charge why?

This is so our Customer Success Team can check everything over before applying a final charge. We want to ensure every athlete at Athletic Adventures is placed appropriately confirming your enrollment before processing a charge is one way we do this. 


Can my child join classes mid session?

Yes! Our coaches are very adaptable and able to structure their classes to each individual child if your child joins mid session the coach will make sure to adapt the lesson to your child’s needs.

If my child joins class mid month/session will my tuition be prorated?


Can I take a trial class?

Absolutely! Actually we prefer all our potential families take a trial class. 

Click here to chat with someone about trialing a class today!

What should I expect for my trial class?

Read all about it here in our trial letter!

How can I discontinue my enrollment?

Athletic Adventures is much like Netflix, just because you stop coming, doesn’t mean we will stop billing. 

All enrollments, RECURRING or SESSION are committed to an entire session (8 or 12 weeks).

  • SESSION enrollments are automatically dropped at the end of the session.
  • RECURRING enrollments must complete our ONLINE DROP FORM, to discontinue enrollment.
Is there a multi-class discount?

Yes! Taking any other class or program offered at Athletic Adventures for a discount of 10%.

This includes our karate, art, and stem programs!

Is there a sibling discount?

Yes! Siblings who are enrolled in any program at Athletic Adventures get a 10% discount!