Flip Flop Hurray Competition

Join us for the first annual Flip Flop Hurray competition, where gravity gets schooled and your amazing athletes defy the laws of physics. We can’t wait to see moves so sick, they should come with a warning label!

Competition Details

More Information Coming Soon

Location: Colorado Elite Sports Complex, 1176 Boxelder, St Louisville CO

Dates: February 15th-16th, 2025

Levels: Xcel Bronze-Sapphire, DP 6-10

Cost: Xcel Bronze-Silver $100/athlete, Gold-10 $140/athlete

Sanction Number: 90309

Level and Athlete Changes + Full Payment by December 15th, 2024

  • Small Quick Sessions
  • 50% Awards
  • Fun Hip Hop Themed Awards on Every Event
  • Brand New Facility
  • On-Site Concessions
  • Excellent Coaches