Art Classes

Feed your child’s creativity with Art Class at Athletic Adventures! In this class, your child will be introduced to basic art techniques, which are the building blocks that will provide a solid foundation for future art lovers and artists! Together, we will be exploring watercolors, acrylic paints, and collages. This unique learning experience places an emphasis on having fun and learning new skills while exploring creativity.


Annual: $143/month

Monthly: $173/month

$40 drop in after November 3rd


No registration fee!



  • 8 Week Course 
  • Begins Sept 8th-Oct 27th
  • November Nov 3rd-Dec 22nd this will be a drop in class.
  • Ages 6+
  • 1.5 hour class
  • Enables your child to learn how to express their emotions.
  • Improves fine motor skill development.
  • Improves problem solving skills that will benefit other educational classes like math!
  • Art can help your child learn how to improve their ability to concentrate.
Age Groups and Class Breakdown

This is an 8-week program, that will conclude on October 27th. At this time, your child will be enrolled in a 6-week mini-class, where they will continue developing the techniques learned in the 8-week program.

For students not enrolled in the 8-week program, beginning on November 3rd your child may enroll as a drop-in student. The cost to drop into an art class is $40/class. Drop-in classes are the perfect opportunity for your child to experience the art program so they may decide if they would like to join our 12-week winter program.

All art supplies will be provided by the facility. Unfortunately, we can not allow trials in this class, however we can allow a 1 month money back guarantee.

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Athletic Adventures Sports Center is sure to be one of the premier facilities in our area. Kassie Haag is one of the best in the industry and now she is starting her own gym! Her passion for providing a safe environment for your child to reach their full athletic potential is evident with each choice she makes. Kassie had an enormously positive impact on both of my competitive gymnast daughters when they were under her instruction. I am excited about Kassie Haag’s next professional endeavor – and how lucky we are that it is in our area!