On Point Gymnastics

Hosted by Athletic Adventures Activity Center

Mission: As team coaches of young women, the staff at Athletic Adventures endeavors to provide our athletes with a training environment that promotes a high sense of self worth and confidence. We intend to do this by pursuing continuous education for our staff so that they may support your child both physically, socially, and emotionally, providing a positive mindset environment, and ensuring that we promote a progressive community focusing on our athletes’ wellbeing and growth.

Important Philosophies:

● Goals belong solely to the athlete. Neither the coaches’ goals nor the parents’ goals should come into play when making decisions regarding the athlete’s training.

● Gym staff is responsible for the athlete’s training, thus decisions regarding your child’s training belong solely to the gym and its staff.

● Parents know and understand their child better than anyone and their input as to the health of their child both mentally and physically is vitally important to the training process.

● Every decision will be made in the athlete’s best interest.

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What Our Parents Say About Us

Athletic Adventures Sports Center is sure to be one of the premier facilities in our area. Kassie Haag is one of the best in the industry and now she is starting her own gym! Her passion for providing a safe environment for your child to reach their full athletic potential is evident with each choice she makes. Kassie had an enormously positive impact on both of my competitive gymnast daughters when they were under her instruction. I am excited about Kassie Haag’s next professional endeavor – and how lucky we are that it is in our area!