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Once Upon a Tumble Classes

Once Upon A Tumble classes employ gymnastics for toddlers and ninja activities as vehicles to help your little one’s social, emotional, and motor skill development. Imagination play and movement serve as primary tools to accomplish these achievements. Our adventures will include a balance of literature, movement-based songs, and sensory games, fueled by your child’s imagination.






  • Annual: $105/Month
  • Monthly: $135/Month


  • Annual: $105/Month
  • Monthly: $135/Month


  • Annual: $105/Month
  • Monthly: $135/Month






  • 45 minutes/1 day per week
  • Class format begins with activity, singing or dancing, then rotating through events and then an ending activity.
  • Achieve Sleeve.
    •  Used to track your child in skill development and social/emotional development.


  • Once Upon a Tumble helps children reach important physical, social, and emotional milestones.
  • Enrichment through literature and music.
  • Encourages development via imagination.



Age Groups and Once Upon a Tumble Classes Breakdown


Take a journey through your own adventure! Rise through the ranks of knighthood and learn and grow in so many ways with Once Upon a Tumble.

The Pages: 2–3 years (Parent Led)

  • A grand adventure designed to support you and your child through their physical, social, and cognitive growth.
  • The class reinforces concepts such as time (before and after), sequencing, and numbers.
  • Encourages developing both fine and large motor skills and reaching physical milestones.

The Squires: 3–4 years

  • Our future knights transverse their gymnastics journey for the first time without a caregiver.
  • The class employs imagination to acquire skills like counting and color identification.
  • Themed weeks designed to help children learn through creativity.
  • Kids tumble with purpose into social and emotional development via movement such as using play to learn listening skills and making friends.

The Knights: 4–5 years


  • Knighthood continues your child’s journey of learning through play while tackling important cognitive and physical milestones such as advancing with counting and patterns.
  • Motor skills will be further enhanced by incorporating more gymnastics and ninja skills– our knights will be tumbling and rolling into their realms. 

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What Our Parents Say About Us

Athletic Adventures Sports Center is sure to be one of the premier facilities in our area. Kassie Haag is one of the best in the industry and now she is starting her own gym! Her passion for providing a safe environment for your child to reach their full athletic potential is evident with each choice she makes. Kassie had an enormously positive impact on both of my competitive gymnast daughters when they were under her instruction. I am excited about Kassie Haag’s next professional endeavor – and how lucky we are that it is in our area!