Babynastics Baby Gymnastics

Our Babynastics baby gymnastics program is driven by proactive play, to help guide parents and their children in navigating social, emotional, and physical milestones. This program will include quarterly guest visits from professionals in child development, to discuss various infant/toddler development topics such as walking, language acquisition, and motor skill development, just to name a few. Your child’s overall growth is our goal.



  • Single Day: $18
  • Punch Card: $150 for 10 visits


  • 45 minute classes.
  • Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday Mornings 
  • 10 minutes of transition and warm up time, both physical and social, between parents, children, and instructor.
  • 25 minutes of instructional time intermingled with playing and learning along with your child.
  • 10 minutes of calm down, transitioning into goodbyes.


  • Babynastics endeavors to aid in important milestones such as fine and gross motor skills and social and emotional development.
  • Class enhances language development. 
  • Teaches parents how to get the most out of proactive play to help their children with as described development.
  • Create a community amongst other parents and kiddos. 

Age Groups and Class Breakdown


  • 6 months–2 years
  • 45 minutes per class

Parents and kiddos attending this program will work on important skills like reaching and grasping, tummy time, rolling, crawling, elbow and leg support, and safely navigation high surfaces.  The older toddlers will also continue to work on important skills like increased interactions with strangers and new friends, mimicking and patterning, exploration of new experiences, continued safety in navigating high surfaces, steady walking to running, and much more!


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What Our Parents Say About Us

Athletic Adventures Sports Center is sure to be one of the premier facilities in our area. Kassie Haag is one of the best in the industry and now she is starting her own gym! Her passion for providing a safe environment for your child to reach their full athletic potential is evident with each choice she makes. Kassie had an enormously positive impact on both of my competitive gymnast daughters when they were under her instruction. I am excited about Kassie Haag’s next professional endeavor – and how lucky we are that it is in our area!