Preschool Performers 

In Athletic Adventures’ Preschool Performers class your child will experience a creative and fun environment that fosters confidence and self-growth at a young age. Each day your child will enjoy a themed-based curriculum, which is the perfect supplement to a current preschool program, or a great start intro to learning.  This class will include movement-based activities, like yoga, ninja, and gymnastics, that promote preschool concepts, as well as, art and STEM projects. We also incorporate sensory, number, and letter play. Athletic Adventures Preschool Performers is the perfect class to assist your child in becoming school ready!

Preschool Performers 

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Ages 3-5 yrs
4 days per Week
3 days per Week
2 Days Per Week
1 Day Per Week

Classes are held Mondays 1-3pm, Tuesday, Wednesday Thursdays 9-11am.

Children will need to bring their own snack and water bottle.

Children may attend 1-4 days per week


Encourages a love of learning at a young age!

Learning is enhanced through literature, music, and movement.

An excellent supplement to your child’s preschool program.

Join us as we learn the days of the week, the alphabet and numbers.  As we get crafty, experience the sounds of music, and of course, spend time in the gym!

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What Our Parents Say About Us

Athletic Adventures Sports Center is sure to be one of the premier facilities in our area. Kassie Haag is one of the best in the industry and now she is starting her own gym! Her passion for providing a safe environment for your child to reach their full athletic potential is evident with each choice she makes. Kassie had an enormously positive impact on both of my competitive gymnast daughters when they were under her instruction. I am excited about Kassie Haag’s next professional endeavor – and how lucky we are that it is in our area!